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a quick introduction i am darkgrumpyoldman over 20 years of IT experience both Windows and Linux mixed in with the IT experience i have got pen testing experience  my main on here is really to teach people who run windows as there main operating system (os) in a non pc jargon way well thats enough about me for now but maybe i will add more about myself as we go along!


today’s blog is really aimed at windows and Viruses lets face it we all been there and see this horrible pop up

windows hints and tips 1 this is just a example i litterally found on google but pretty much same thing on all AVG’s now a days pretty standard pop up nice aint it? knowing that the torrent you downloaded was actually rigged with various viruses / malware lets stop there for a minute shall we and take a step back

there is various types of viruses out there and malware but i will try and keep it simple and list some of the most common ones the anti virus scanner will pick up no matter how hard a hacker will try and make it “invisible”


right well for starters we got

pup (Potentially Unwanted Program) normally its just them stupid ads programs that just clog your system up well known as bundle ware ( litterally everyones night mare) as you think you got rid of it and next minute bang the b*****d comes back like a rash

Worms. A worm is a stand-alone program that can self-replicate and spread over a network. Unlike a virus, a worm spreads by exploiting a vulnerability in the infected system or through email as an attachment masquerading as a legitimate file

Ransomware. The most recent category of malware is ransomware, which garnered headlines in 2016 and 2017 when ransomware infections encrypted the computer systems of major organizations and thousands of individual users around the globe. As the name implies, ransomware demands that users pay a ransom—usually in bitcoin or other cryptocurrency—to i am sure by now everyone is aware of what this actually is and the importance dont give the hacker any money!!!! i will cover that in a later blog!!

A RAT is malicious malware software that runs on your computer. It gives access to a hacker when he wants to steal information from you or install other malicious software


well now we covered some of them i wont sit here and cover everylast one of them your AVG pops up saying you got a virus “click here to remove virus/viruses” you instantly trust that program to do its job! so you restart your pc and still noticed the virus notifcation is still going off like a red light!

first thing we all do is jump on google dont we and go for something like thiswindows hints and tips 2

bang you got a million plus pages instantly offering you the “best avg” since sliced bread now your sat there thinking seriously what the *** is all this everyone is saying there the “best” self help guides you try them out still it wont go

here is some common ways people get infected by a virus

so i bet next step is go to the local pc store he stands there rubbing his chin hmmming and ahhing tells you its a big job charges you £60 for it he knows damn well its a 10 minute job and its the easiest money he will make all day

here is where i will now tell you how to save yourself some money and keep you sanity first thing first there is no such thing as BEST anti virus scanners hell they all do the same thing litterally they scan your pc get rid of stuff you dont want here is a quick and easy way to get rid of that pesky program that launches ads and everything else you dont want best part is its free and will do the job

simple to use and it gets rid of everything you dont want left on your system that the installed program put on there

here is the top 5 common ways you will get some kind of virus

  1. opening attachemtns or links from unknown or hacked email address (if in doubt do not click it)
  2. downloading software from malicious sites (youtube as well)
  3. online ads you click on one as you like the look of what it says and before you know it you been hit with viruses malware
  4. not updated your software computer? best advise keep everything updated

in my experience over the many many years running every last windows out there from the very first one (yes i am showing my age) all the way up to windows 10 i have encountered my fair share of viruses some accidently some i wanted to get ( research reasons) and as you are all aware in this day in age everything is going to the cloud microsoft is going cloud xbox playstation music videos etc the last thing you ever expect to hit the cloud is anti virus scanners


wait he said cloud anti virus?

yes you read correct its still quite new in the world of cloud but its taking off really well i will explain what it is and how it will make your life so much easier ( pros and cons)


basically all it is instead of you having to sit there having to google how to get rid of this virus that rat etc you basically pay some TRUSTED company to install the anti virus for you and instead of you having to do all the scans etc that company will sit there and bascially watch and take care of all viruses for you smart right?

now your thinking well i dont have time to run a virus scan or simply you forget or you could run a company sme etc and cant hire people to do it weekly

well thankfully i can assist you on that part have started my own company a few month ago now which offers such services for you which can be found here


i take care off everything for you i will show you step by step on what to do and what to expect


cons to cloud virus scanners

again you got hackers posing as companies that offer you the same service and make themselfs sound legit and trust worthy

scammers they will steal a legit website and take your money and you wont ever notice anything

if in doubt or something sounds to good to be true do yourself a huge favour and research the company a quick google search will tell you a lot about them look on places like company houses for there business registration

on any legit website it will state there company number and VAT code if you dont see it dont use that site specially when it comes to things like this

well i will leave it there for now i will come back next week and do another subject in the mean time if you got any questions or want to me to show you how to fix drop us a comment and i will gladly do the post for that subject

if you still are intrested in giving cloud a go





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