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Hi there , Now You can use Almost all Useful Hacking Tools, Scripts on Your Android Mobile

There are several apps and Hacking Tools are available For Android Mobile and therefore We can Install Kali Linux On Our Android but it requires some time and patient
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Termux Tutorial PDF
About Termux App
What Are Termux Commands?
Termux Commands List :
Accessing And Managing Files In Termux
How To Use Hacking Tools In Termux
How To Install NMAP Tool In Termux
How To Install Hydra In Termux
How To Install RED_HAWK Tool In Termux
How To Install Recondog In Termux
How To Install SQLMAP In Termux
How To Install Lazymux In Termux

About Termux App

Termux is a Powerful Android app which is Designed to Install Linux packages on your Android Mobile

With this Termux App You Can Install shell, python, c, c++, perl, ruby, java and many more useful packages and with the help of Termux we can use several Hacking Tools/scripts in our mobile including Nmap, Hydra, Sqlmap etc..

if you are about to use only the tools you needed then read this article completely to Learn How to Use Termux App and How To Install hacking Tools On Your Android mobile with simple termux commands

Before We drive into deep, you must have to know the termux commands

Okay, Guys Without wasting your valuable time am going to present you the Termux Commands list in a simple & short way, I was planned to create a Termux commands list pdf, due to lack of time, am posting the commands directly on this post.


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