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Welcome to hacking a rise today we going to show to you snoopy the online username search tool and as always im the laughingman lets start like we always do with the tool is

What is snoopy

Snoopy is a tool mead in bash by laughingman what is dose it looks for usernames on load of sites it offers a location option in ya wanna try and narrow the search for the target now i make this clear the search is based on the info you gave but with more updates i be adding a load more features like city phone number search as well as email till then we stick with usernames lol right to the install

Install Snoopy

first open terminal and type git clone
then cd snoopy then ls
then chmod +x

termux users install
pkg install git
git clone
cd snoopy
chmod +x

How to use snoopy

the use of snoopy is basic just type ./

it will then ask for a name and a location so enter the username and location or just username and press enter

now we let it run

when its done it will make a txt file with the targets name on it as you see im search for the laughingman

the txt file contains the links found to that username

Final thoughts on snoopy

as i mead this out pure boredom and to see it it grow i was meant for just youtube,facebook etc.. then i keep adding sites like the new updates is snapchat and ps network username search as well as few other sites the main goal was for people to have a baseline for recon on a target

Hi im the laughing man im a pentester and the owner of Hacking a rise

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