Wasap people laughing man here with another post this ones on sniff air made for sophisticated wireless attacks and data capture it is mead with python 2.7 bit out dated on the python but still great tool to use (note this tool is not for noobs as u can coz harm to your network to the point it cant be fixed so lets start

What is sniffair

SniffAir is an open-source wireless security framework which provides the ability to easily parse passively collected wireless data as well as launch sophisticated wireless attacks. SniffAir takes care of the hassle associated with managing large or multiple pcap files while thoroughly cross-examining and analyzing the traffic, looking for potential security flaws. Along with the prebuilt queries, SniffAir allows users to create custom queries for analyzing the wireless data stored in the backend SQL database. SniffAir is built on the concept of using these queries to extract data for wireless penetration test reports. The data can also be leveraged in setting up sophisticated wireless attacks included in SniffAir as modules.
SniffAir is developed by Tyl0us and theDarracott

how to install sniffair

type in terminal
git clone https://github.com/Tylous/SniffAir
cd SniffAir
chmod +x setup.sh

SniffAir framework for wireless attacks 1

How to use sniffair

now we type python sniffair.py
SniffAir framework for wireless attacks 2

now we need to add a workspace so type workspace crate laughingman or what ever name u wanna use
SniffAir framework for wireless attacks 3

now we load the workspace so type workspace load laughingman
SniffAir framework for wireless attacks 4

now type show modules
SniffAir framework for wireless attacks 5

now we type use Auto PSK
then info
SniffAir framework for wireless attacks 6

Now we can start setting up the settings for a attack so type set varibles once set type run to let it run
[laughingman][Auto PSK]# set varibles ssid FRITZBox 7430 ZV
[laughingman][Auto PSK]# set varibles Password file /usr/share/ike-scan/psk-crack-dictionary
[laughingman][Auto PSK]# run

SniffAir framework for wireless attacks 7

just let it run and with for the password

Right lads there we have it wireless hacking framework its a good tool but for noobs its not the best as its more advance than most the tools out there so best stick to the basic tools NOOBS till u learn more anyways laughingman out 🙂

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