Package tutorial: proxychains-ng

Proxychains-ng is an IP hiding tool. Located at the stable-repo in termux. I am crafting this tutorial to help you get a grip on this tool’s usage.

Step 1: Install required packages for the procedure. ‘Tor’ to create a circuit for Proxychains4 to relay on.

$ pkg install tor proxychains-ng

You also need to install a text editor which you are most comfortable with to edit the proxychains.conf file.

Step 2: Edit the $PREFIX/etc/proxychains.conf file. In this case I’ll use emacs.

$ emacs $PREFIX/etc/proxychains.conf

Uncomment line 10 aka remove the hashtag


Insert the hashtag at the start of line 18


Don’t forget to save the file

Step 3: Establish a Tor circuit

$ tor

And wait until the process is done. Don’t interfere with the process

Step 4: When the Tor circuit is established, use the proxychains command on the other commands to hide your IP.

For example, my true IP is 135.13.420.69.

Without proxychains4:

$ curl

With proxychains4:

$ curl


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