Welcome to hacking a rise i this post we are going to show you how to perform a man in the middle attack with a tool called Xerosploit this tool was designed by LionSec

What is Xerosploit

Xerosploit is a penetration testing toolkit whose goal is to perform man in the middle attacks for testing purposes. It brings various modules that allow to realist efficient attacks, and also allows to carry out denial of service attacks and port scanning. Powered by bettercap and nmap.

How to install Xerosploit

git clone https://github.com/LionSec/xerosploit
cd xerosploit && sudo python install.py

MITM with Xerosploit 1

Using Xerosploit

Now we have it installed we can now run to but typing xerosploit in terminal
MITM with Xerosploit 2

now we type help for the list commands
MITM with Xerosploit 3

so are first command is iface tell you your network interface
MITM with Xerosploit 4

now we type gateway to check is are gateway is set right
MITM with Xerosploit 5

now we look for targets on the network so we now type scan
MITM with Xerosploit 6

so the target im picking is my phone so type it in to the terminal
MITM with Xerosploit 7

now this bring us to modules so type help
MITM with Xerosploit 8


  • : Port Scanner
  • dos : DoS Attack
  • ping : Ping Request
  • injecthtml : Inject Html code
  • injectjs : Inject Javascript code
  • rdownload : Replace files being downloaded
  • sniff : Capturing information inside network packets

  • dspoof : Redirect all the http traffic to the specified one IP
  • yplay : Play background sound in target browser
  • replace : Replace all web pages images with your own one
  • driftnet : View all images requested by your targets
  • move : Shaking Web Browser content
  • deface : Overwrite all web pages with your HTML code
  • we are going to use sniff so type sniffer and then run a little terminal will open up this were are targets data will be displayed
    MITM with Xerosploit 9

    MITM with Xerosploit 10

    now to cancel press ctrl+c and type back to go back to menu
    MITM with Xerosploit 11

    and all you have to do is pick another module and then run it 🙂 there ya have it lads


    Hackingarise does not take responsiblity for the actions you make commit with this tool and/or knowledge!! We make these posts for educational purposes and to teach how hackers can use certain tools to hack you and we do not try to inspire any blackhat activities in the doing of so!!

    Final thoughts

    Xerosploit is a handy little tool for noobs that dont yet understand the way man in the middle attacks work this script is simple to use and install.

    Right lads that’s it hope you enjoyed it and see you in the next one laughingman

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