Welcome to Hacking a rise today its all about recon with metasploit

So lets jump right in so start by opening a terminal and starting the PostgreSQL with this command service postgrsql start

Metasploit part 4  recon 1

now type msfconsole with till it loads

Metasploit part 4  recon 2

now i want u to use the search to find the aux tool in metasploit search auxiliary/gather This will gave u a full list to the tools to use a tool type use then what ever u wanna use for this i picked something simple use auxiliary/gather/search_email_collector set the domain to gmail and the output file to save the emails to my desktop
Metasploit part 4  recon 3
Metasploit part 4  recon 4
When it is finished it now save the emails to the desktop
now we going to try another wp_w3_total_cache_hash_extract this used to extract the user and password of wordpress sites i will use hackingarise.com as the rhost just for this
Metasploit part 4  recon 5
since i don’t have it installed it wont work but this just show u a short example of how to use it

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