Metasploit basics part one

Hi today we going to start with Metasploit commands

Metasploit framework is a tool designed for pentesting. there may ways to use Metasploit recon,exploits,scanning and post exploit. It comes preinstalled on many pentesting os Kali,patriot,cyborg hawk to name a few.

Interfaces of Metasploit:
(1) msfconsole to open the command line to Metasploit in Linux or Unix terminal
(2) msfcli this the Linux command interface
(3)Armitage is the GUI for

Module’s of Metasploit
(1) Exploits
(2) payloads
(3) Auxiliary
(4) post exploit
(5) nop
(6) encoders

Getting started

so before we start Metasploit we need to start the postgrsql
service postgrsql start is the command

now once its started type msfconsole to the terminal so start Metasploit

So now u are welcomed with that sexy screen haha now we are using the help command type help or ? this will bring up the core commands to Metasploit

there to many commands for me to start taking screenshots lol .

now the show command this command is to show you the list of options,payload so on to use this command just type show and what u wanna see e.g show payloads

The next command is the use command this is used to set the handler the payloads and thing really

always after the use command we use the set command this to set the options in the payload
so we start the show options see the settings

as u see noting set at the moment
now we use the set command as im using android payloads for then the command be set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp
set lhost or what ever your host will be
set lport 4444 or what ever port u are using

no looks full hahaha now use the exploit command to start the exploit

Last command is the info command this will gave u the info on payloads the encoders etc…. use info then what u want the info you want. This is the command show info android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

so since the simple basic commands down the next we work on is the modules and what there used for


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