Lunar a python Pen testing Framework

Welcome back to hacking a rise i am the one and only laughing man coming from the middle of no were hahaha in this post we going to look at lunar a python pen testing framework

What is lunar

Lunar is a frame work tool designed by metacharHIS GITHUB

Install Lunar

open terminal and follow these steps
1:git clone
2:cd Lunar/
4:chmod +x
5: ./

Lunar a python Pen testing Framework 1

How to use Lunar

now its done installing the dependents we can now the file type python in to terminal it will then ask you if you are using windows or linux type linux then agree to the t and cs

Lunar a python Pen testing Framework 2

now type HELP for the commands
+] Default commands (7)
└──> clear/cls : Clears Screen (linux)/ Windows
└──> exit : Exits
└──> help : Shows help screen
└──> / : Use last command
└──> banner : prints banner
└──> History : Shows command History
└──> Tools : Shows all downloadable tools
└──> c-history : Clears command history
└──> os : Enter a os command
└──> msf : Starts Metasploit

[+] Cryptography (7)
└──> hex_encode : Encode word(s) to hex
└──> hex_decode : Decode Hex to string
└──> key_encode : Encodes word(s) to a token & key
└──> key_decode : Decodes a token & key to words
└──> hash_md5 : Encodes word(s) to hash (MD5)
└──> hash_sha256 : Encodes word(s) to hash (SHA256)
└──> hash_sha512 : Encodes word(s) to hash (SHA256)
└──> hash_sha1 : Encodes word(s) to hash (SHA1)
└──> hash_sha384 : Encodes word(s) to hash (SHA384)

[+] Virus Bank Mac (10) –> Pass infect3d mac_backdoor: Downloads a mac backdoor virus
└──> mac_keylog : Downloads a mac key logger
└──> mac_adware : Downloads a mac adware virus
└──> mac_thief : Downloads a mac bitcoin stealing virus
└──> mac_dropper : Downloads a mac dropper virus
└──> mac_spyware : Downloads a mac spyware virus
└──> mac_ransom : Downloads a mac ransomware virus
└──> mac_worm : Downloads a mac worm
└──> mac_pass : Downloads a mac password stealer

[+] Virus Bank Windows (6) –> Pass Infected win_fflash : Downloads a fake flash player malware
└──> win_bonzi : Downloads Bonzi Buddy
└──> win_memz : Downloads the MEMZ virus
└──> win_phish : Downloads a email phisher
└──> win_exploit : Downloads a exploit kit
└──> win_trojan : Downloads a Trojan

[+] Wordlist (6)
└──> realpass12k : Downloads a real password list with 12k words
└──> darkweb2017 : Download the top passwords from the dark web
└──> prob_wpa : Download probable WPA passwords
└──> unknown-azul: Downloads txt list unknown azul
└──> bt4_list : Downloads the bt4 pass list
└──> cracked_hash: Downloads the cracked hash list

[+] Networking (12)
└──> showmac : Shows mac address
└──> showip : Show ipaddress
└──> port listen : Listen to a port
└──> geolocation : Locate an ip address
└──> reverse_ip : Reverse ip domian lookup
└──> dns_lookup : Do a dns lookup
└──> dns_host_rec: Show a dns servers host record
└──> zonetransfer: Do a zone transfer test
└──> shared_dns : Show a dns servers shared dns
└──> traceroute : Trace an ip
└──> Whois : Does a Whois lookup
└──> tcpscan : Does a tcp port scan
└──> wireshark : Opens wireshark with choice of iface

[+] Web (5)
└──> sourcecode : Get source code from website
└──> site2ip : Find ip address from website
└──> headers : Show headers of a website
└──> admin : Find admin pannel of website
└──> hydra : Hydra email brute force
└──> sublink : Find links from a website

Lunar a python Pen testing Framework 3

now to use the modules in the frame work type the name of it for example i wanna see the downloadable tools so we type tools
Lunar a python Pen testing Framework 4

now i want to download highjack so i type highjack this will now begin cloning the tool of github it mite take some time depending on ur internet speed
Lunar a python Pen testing Framework 5

this will clone highjacker to lunars file
Lunar a python Pen testing Framework 6

now say i wanna use the traceroute so i got a ip from a free proxy online so type traceroute press enter it will ask for ip

Lunar a python Pen testing Framework 7

Final thoughts on lunar

there ya have it lads and gals its a nice little tool for any beginner in pentesting as it offers a few good features like downloading word-lists,portscanners,site cloner etc .. as well as starting wireshark and metasploit for fast loading but my favorite has to be the virus backs section
Lunar a python Pen testing Framework 8
hahahha easy knowing my thoughts i seen that hahaha but ya i say if u are starting out in hacking this the tool for you.
I am the laughingman and this a tutorial for hacking a rise see you in the next one



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