welcome to Hacking a rise i am the laughingman and this a tutoral on Katnana framework

what is Kantana Frame work

katana is a framework written in python for making penetration testing, based on a simple and comprehensive structure for anyone to use, modify and share, the goal is to unify tools serve for professional when making a penetration test or simply as a routine tool, The current version is not completely stable, it’s recommended to update every time that you will use it (ktf.update -f).
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How to install Katana

git clone https://github.com/PowerScript/KatanaFramework.git
cd KatanaFramework
sudo sh dependencies
sudo python install



Distribution Version Check supported
Kali Linux 4.4.0 yes yes working
Debian(8) 4.4.0 yes yes working
Parrot OS yes yes working
Wifislax yes yes working
OpenSuse yes No working
Arch Linux 4.8.6 yes No working
Raspbian 4.1.7 yes No working
Ubuntu 14.04 yes No working
Xbuntu 4.4.0 yes No working


SESSIONS Using sessions in each module to not waste time;
VARIABLES TEMP Save results in variables for use in other modules;
SYSTEM COMMANDS Execute System commands through the console;
INTERNAL FUNCTIONS Run internal functions from console;
GUI Graphical User interface;
SETTINGS Enable and disable features easily;

Modules on katana framework

CodeName Description
web/ap.finder Administrator Panel Finder.
web/sub.dns Subdomain Bruteforce.
web/bypass.sql bypass SQLi with Cheats Injections.
web/bt.form Brute force to Form-based.
web/bt.http Brute force to Http Authentication.
web/whois Whois, DNS Lookup.
web/clt.lfd LFD Vulnerability Console.
net/sf.arp ARP tables Monitor.
net/sc.hosts Hosts live Scan in LAN.
net/sc.scan Scan [Ports, OS, Etc] IP.
net/work.sniff HTTP sniffer.
net/arp.pson ARP poisoning Attack.
net/arp.dos ARP D.O.S Attack.
net/dns.spoof DNS Spoofing.
net/dns.fake DNS fake Server Spoof.
net/web.dos Web D.O.S Attack in LAN.
msf/back.door Generate backdoors with MSF.
set/web.hot Gathering Information with web.
set/em.boom E-mail Boombing (SPAM).
clt/cl.sql Mysql Console Client.
clt/cl.ftp FTP Console Client.
clt/cl.pop POP Console Client.
clt/cl.adb ADB Console Client (Android).
btf/pr.ftp Brute Force to FTprotocol.
btf/pr.sql Brute Force to SQL protocol.
btf/pr.ssh Brute Force to SSH protocol.
btf/pr.pop Brute Force to POP3 protocol.
anf/af.imagen Forensic image analysis.
fle/bt.rar Brute Force to RAR file.
fle/scan.file Report of Virus Scan file.
fle/bt.zip Brute Force to ZIP file.
mcs/gn.words Generator Dictionaries.
mcs/i.settup Show Properties of System Current.
mcs/ts.login Test Credentials protocols.
mcs/px.checker Proxy list checker.
wifi/ap.dos Access Point D.O.S attack.
wifi/ev.twin Access Point Phising.


using katana framework

after the install all we have to do is type ktf.console
As you see its like metasploit framework the commands are the same to use a module type use and the module for a example if i wanna use gen a metasploit backboor we type use msf/back.door
and just like metasploit we have to set the local host and the payload we want to use like i wanna use android so we type
set platform android
set host (here we can use ngrok if hacking on wan )
and so on as you can see in the pic


just type run when finished with the settings

and to go back we type back its that simple lads

final thoughts on Katana framework

well what can i say i been using katana for a wile i like it as it has a metasploit feel to it and it helps speed up some functions on your Linux as well as the Forensic image analysis is a nice little touch not only will this tool benefit pentesters and hackers script kiddie will find it useful with as all them modules work as well unlike other frameworks to name one i hate lazyscript


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