welcome to hacking a rise in the past we spoke about 4nonmizer and changing your dns well now im going to show you a handy shell script that uses IP tables settings for a transparent proxy tunneled through tor

Will this make me anonymous?


Getting started

So lets get stuck in to this open your terminal and type apt-get install git -y
Kalitorify 1

Now we are going to clone the folder to are pc use this command git clone https://github.com/Hackingriseofficial/kalitorify
Kalitorify 2

Now we change the dir on the terminal to kalitoify dir to do this type cd kallitorify then ls and then chmod +x kalitorify and make install
Kalitorify 3

Now we can look the help so type kalitorify --help
Kalitorify 4
Right is say it -t to run it so type kalitorify -t
Kalitorify 5

well we have come to the end how sad 🙁 have fun guys


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