IntRec – Pack Intelligence and Reconnaissance Package/Bundle installer

Welcome to Hacking a rise in this i am going to show you how to install and use IntRec on any Debian system i am using Kali Linux for this tutorial

Whats IntRec

IntRec-Pack is a Bash script designed to download, install and deploy several quality OSINT, Recon and Threat Intelligence tools. Due to the fact it manages the installation of the various dependencies related to these programs as well it aims to be a comprehensive assistant in setting up your intelligence gathering environment. Below is an overview of the tools and utilities it will help you set up.

How to install

git clone
cd IntRec-pack
chmod +x

how to use IntRec

Now we can run the script by typeing ./

now we press 2 list and install this will list all the recon tools you can install with this tool

so we have 14 tools to pick from

    1) QuickScan
    2) TadPole
    3) DNSRecon
    4) Sublist3r
    5) TekDefense
    6) TheHarvester
    7) IOC-Parser
    8) PyParser-CVE
    9) Mimir
    10) Harbinger
    11) Inquisitor
    12) BirdWatcher
    13) Spiderfoot
    14) EagleEye

so im going to install Spiderfoot a great OSINT scanner so i will put 13 to install Spiderfoot

that it or we can type 15 go back to the main menu and install all the tools but we wont next tool i want to install is Birdwatcher so i type 12

Final thoughts

So lad over all its a nice little package installer for people not running the likes of Kali parrot cyborg etc as well as the tools are pretty useful as iv use them on my other laptop.

Anyways lads gud bye hope ya enjoyed and see you in the next one

Hi im the laughing man im a pentester and the owner of Hacking a rise

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