Installing Kali Linux In Virtual Box

Today we are going to be installing Kali Linux in virtual box.

First, open virtual box and hit the new button.

Installing Kali Linux In Virtual Box 11

Then, this menu will pop up, for type hit Linux and for version hit Debian. You can name it whatever you want but for the sake of this I will just name it Kali. (If vbox changes the type and version just change it back).

Installing Kali Linux In Virtual Box 12

Once you have done that, just hit next. Select how much ram you want to use (Don’t use more then half), I will be using 2GB. Hit next again and then make sure create a virtual hard disk now is ticked.Installing Kali Linux In Virtual Box 13

Hit create, and just leave this setting on the default one. Then select Fixed size (You can do Dynamically allocated if you like but I will just be using fixed size). I will just be making mine around 30GB but you can make it whatever size you want (Don’t make it under 20GB) and then hit create and wait for it to finish.

Installing Kali Linux In Virtual Box 14

Once it’s done that menu will close and it will put you back to your list of installed operating systems. As you will see Kali is now there, so just click on it and then hit the start button. Once it’s loaded up just hit the small folder icon and select your Kali iso, If you don’t have one you can download one at (Just make sure you download the full version and not the light version).Installing Kali Linux In Virtual Box 15

Once it has loaded up, just use the arrow keys to scroll down and hit enter on Graphical Install. Then select your language (I will be selecting English but you can select whatever your first language is), Then select your location, hit continue and select your preferred keyboard layout.

Then it will start loading components from CD, just wait for that to finish.Installing Kali Linux In Virtual Box 16

Once everything has loaded you can type in your hostname, I will be using NiFe as mine but you can enter whatever you like (or leave it as kali). I will just be leaving the domain name box blank for now but you can enter one if you want. Once you have done those, you can set the root password (This part is up to you to decide). Once you have thought of a password, you can partition the disk. I will be using guided – entire disk as it’s just a VM. Make sure VBOX HARDDISK is selected and hit continue.Installing Kali Linux In Virtual Box 17

I will just be doing all files in one partition as it is the easiest and quickest option.

Installing Kali Linux In Virtual Box 18

Then just hit continue, and continue again and select yes. Then just wait for it to install. When it asks you to eject any installation media just hit continue.

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