Hunter person search v 1.0

Welcome to hacking a rise i am the laughing man and today i got a treat for ye since you all enjoy my tools i made a new script as you can see in the name its called hunter person search for people in the USA this makes looking for people easier for hackers / pentesters a like so without me yapping on about the script lets get stuck in to how it works

what is Hunter

hunter is a simple bash script made by me this script will search online for people in the usa

hunter services

hunter will search for the target on sites like Facebook , twitter, snapchat, PINTEREST ,linkedin,reddit, instagram,youtube,blogger,google plus
it will store all the links in a handy little txt file in the hunter file and it allso comes with a termux version 🙂

How to use hunter person search

Frist of all we need to clone the repo of git clone so if you dont got git installed on your linux or termux device use the command apt-get install git -y Debian based Linux
and for termux use pkg install git -y

now that git is installed on the device we can now move to install the tool so type in terminal and termux
git clone
Hunter person search v 1.0 1

and for termux
Hunter person search v 1.0 2

now we have it cloned we need to change dir so type cd Hunter in terminal or termux
once your in the file with the script type chmod +x
then ./ to start the script
(note) this commands work the same on termux as they do on kali linux

Hunter person search v 1.0 3

cd Hunter
chmod +x
Hunter person search v 1.0 4

now we run the script it should ask you for a name and then the state and then town the target lives in
so we type the name in like this john-doe then the state he lives and the town he is from
Hunter person search v 1.0 5

now we have all the data in we hit enter and let the script search for are target a list of the sites will show in the terminal as well as storing them to a txt file in the hunter folder
Hunter person search v 1.0 6

and if we type ls we will see the txt files with the profile links and the link to his address for safety i wont be showing the address
Hunter person search v 1.0 7

if you nav to the hunter file u will see two txt files with the same name one is google plus and the other is the other links
Hunter person search v 1.0 8
Hunter person search v 1.0 9

that is it lads and gals hope you enjoy my script and find use of it as i was bored out me skull when i wrote it

final thoughts

well gaving i made the script i have to say its ok handy if you wanna locate the address or mobile number of a target if all fairness its a simple dox script to make are life easier like who wants to be using google dorks for doxing hahahahhaa not me as I am two lazy to scroll true all them pages looking at pages that has noting to do with the person we are hunting you kinda get fed up looking ….


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Happy hacking lads and gals Laughingman out much love 🙂

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