How to view websites with Tor router in Termux

Hello everyone~, this is IRISnoir from Hackingarise. Bringing to you another tutorial. This time about how to use Termux to look at a site anonymously with Tor.


This is dedicated for those who wants to do stuff in their Termux without having the need to install or purchase a VPN. Using a VPN is better than a Proxy though, but only if you can purchase them, also if you don’t want to download then another technique is through here.

I’m not gonna bother you with the details so let’s get into it.

Now, you will need these tools installed into your Termux:
tor to initialize an anonymous circuit
proxychains-ng to anonymize yourself with the help of Tor
lynx to use as a Text-based web browser

Now, the first thing you need to do is to fire up Tor with:
And then wait for it to finish building a Tor circuit.

Then go to your next session, use Lynx with Proxychains with:
proxychains4 lynx
And it will then check for the circuit. You can edit the configuration file of proxychains at:
And add more proxies to the roster to form a powerful chain. You might need to swap from strict_chain to dynamic_chain to ignore dead proxies and move on.

Now, you can enter a website URL and your IP will be hidden to the websites. Neat, right?

Again, don’t rely too much on proxies as they are not as good as a VPN. This is only for if you cannot afford or if you don’t want to download.

Question: Why don’t you make it for Google Chrome. That is much more convenient
Answer: Google Chrome Android version doesn’t support that feature where you can activate Tor as a external/plugin.

Disclaimer: This tutorial is only for educational purposes, stay ethical as Hackingarise is not responsible for any of your malicious acts or any trouble you get into.
I hope you enjoy. If you do, please share with your friends. Have a nice day. Also check this out.


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