how to use rebel – framework V1.0

welcome to hacking a rise in this post we are going to show u how to use and install the easy rebel framework for pen-testers and hackers a like . Rebel is mead in bash so it can run on on kali,parrot and termux,nethunter etc .. it is packed with easy to use modules

what is rebel framework

Advanced and easy to use penetration testing framework the person that mead the tool is called Magdy Moustafa
reb311ion Github here
Module it offers for you to use

├ net/iface ➤ Interface info.
├ net/map ➤ Hosts live Scan in LAN.
├ net/scan ➤ Scan [Ports, OS, Etc] IP.
├ net/vuln ➤ Scan for common vulnerabilities.
├ net/sniff ➤ Unencrypted traffic network sniffer and modifier.
├ net/sslsniff ➤ Sslstrip and sniff traffic.
├ net/cut ➤ Cut connection between two points or more.

├ info/site ➤ Website information
├ info/phone ➤ Phone number information
├ info/server ➤ Find IP Address And E-mail Server
├ info/whois ➤ Domain whois lookup
├ info/loc ➤ Find website/IP address location
├ info/bcf ➤ Bypass CloudFlare
├ info/subdomain ➤ Subdomain scanner
├ info/valid ➤ Check Email address validation
├ info/domain ➤ Search Domain for Email addresses
├ info/email ➤ Email information gathering

├ web/dirscan ➤ Scan for hidden web directories
├ web/appscan ➤ Gather OSINT and fuzz for OWASP vulnerabilities
├ web/cmsscan ➤ Scan and detect CMS vulnerabilities [WordPress, Joomla and Drupal]

├ com/chat ➤ create or join an existing chatroom
├ com/qrshare ➤ Send files using QR codes

├ torrent/search ➤ Search for torrents and get their info
├ torrent/get ➤ Download torrents using command line

├ crypto/rot ➤ Rot1..25 decoder
├ crypto/auto ➤ Detect and decode encoded strings & crack hashes
├ crypto/mdr1 ➤ Encode/decode strings using our own Encoding algorithm
├ crypto/find ➤ Find hashes inside files [md5,sha256,sha512crypt,etc..]

├ phish/google ➤ Google phishing using ngrok.
├ phish/in ➤ LinkedIn phishing using ngrok.
├ phish/git ➤ Github phishing using ngrok.
├ phish/stack ➤ StackOverflow phishing using ngrok.
├ phish/wp ➤ WordPress phishing using ngrok.
├ phish/twitter ➤ Twitter phishing using ngrok.
├ phish/advanced ➤ Customizable advanced phishing

├ re/info ➤ Collect information about the binary file
├ re/trace ➤ Trace binary/PID system calls and signals
├ re/elfdec ➤ Decompile elf file function(s)

├ df/entropy ➤ Calculate file entropy
├ df/recover ➤ Recursively scan and extracts all recoverable files
├ df/scan ➤ Scan and recover a disk image for regular expressions and other contentInstall

How to install rebel framework

open terminal type git clone
or git code

how to use rebel - framework V1.0 1

the we need to cd to rebel framework and type chmod +x then ./

how to use rebel - framework V1.0 2

that it .

How to use rebel framework

type in terminal chmod +x then ./
how to use rebel - framework V1.0 3

now for the command type help
how to use rebel - framework V1.0 4


├ show modules ➤ List all available modules
├ use + ➤ Use module
├ show options ➤ Show module options
├ banner ➤ Display an awesome rebel banner
├ set ➤ Set a value to an option
├ run ➤ Run module
├ clear/reset ➤ Clear screen
├ back ➤ Back to the main
├ exit – quit ➤ Exit from rebel
├ ! ➤ Execute shell commands
├ help – ? ➤ Show this message

now we use show modules to see what modules come with rebel framework
how to use rebel - framework V1.0 5

right lady’s to use the modules we type use and the modules name use info/site then show options
you will see is set as target just type run
how to use rebel - framework V1.0 6

if u wanna set the site u want to get the info of then type set target (url of the site) and then run

to go back type back
how to use rebel - framework V1.0 7

so let try another one info/email so same command use info/email then show options then set target (targets email here )
how to use rebel - framework V1.0 8

my thoughts

well lads its a easy to use and it easy to set up so i have no faults with it other than it cud have a lot more on it like for a bash script like its handy noobs starting out to advance pen testers for a nice fast script to make your life easier

Hi im the laughing man im a pentester and the owner of Hacking a rise

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