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This is IRISnoir from hackingarise. Bringing to you another Termux tutorial. Today we’ll be discussing about the handy-dandy reverse engineering toolkit, Radare2.


Now, a brief description of it’s usage, shall we?
Radare2 is a very handy reverse engineering tool. It can be used to analyze some CRACKME stuff and solve them good. It’s use is complex and sophisticated. But it is also very interesting and unique. Not to mention one of the most useful tool I’ve seen besides Metasploit and other. You can also use it to analyze and confirm malware.

Now, it’s installation and usage:

To install it, just casually use:
pkg install radare2

It has a LOT of tool based on it.
I’m going to break down each one.

First tool is definitely:
The main tool of the whole project. It’s alias is:
This can be used as a hexadecimal editor, disasembler and debugger. That’s the shortened description of it’s usage.

Next tool is:
Which can let you tune in with your browser and do your job on it.

Now, we keep flowing with the tools list. Next up will be:
This is a block-based hashing utility. You can use it to calculate, check, and view the hash value of a file.

Keep going, you can see:
This lets you convert between positive and negative integer, float, octal, binary and hexadecimal values.

Next, there is:
This can be used to extract all info from a file, script, programs, etc.. This includes compiler info, programming language used, class, etc..

I hope you are keeping up, because next on our list is:
This can lend you a hand in running scripts and programs. Activating a script or program with this tool will enable you to run them in exotic environments. How convenient.

Keep up with the list, we got:
This is a assembler and disassembler for many architectures. Can assemble and disassemble files and hexpair strings.

Next up, there is:
A package manager used to install, uninstall, update packages and discover plugins that is related to radare2.

Keep going, we have:
This is a binary diffing utility. Implements and supports many algorithms. It will analyze and compare 2 files in a hash algorithm and print the results.

Another one:
This is a tool that help you find byte patterns in files.

We are almost done, next tool is:
This is a frontend for r_egg. This tool will compile programs written in high-level language into convenient sized binaries for x86, x86-64 and ARM.

Final command:
It will let you run r2 commands and pipe via r2pipe.

It will take me ages to instruct you on how to use this tool. Fortunately, I found a perfect PDF that can help.

Click here to download the PDF

Now, my sincerest comments. Since the Radare2 project has a lot of tools and all of them are equally helpful, it has gained a special place in my heart.

I hope you enjoy my tutorial. If so, please share it with your friends. And remember, stay ethical as we are not responsible for any of your malicious acts or any trouble you get into. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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