welcome to hackingarise i am the laughing man the one and only and today in this post for Wednesday bit late with posting but look has to be do lol anyways in this we are going to use hidden eye this a advance phishing tool in python3 working on pc and termux
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How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 1

what pages with hidden eye

1) Facebook:

Traditional Facebook login page.
Advanced Poll Method.
Fake Security login with Facebook Page.
Facebook messenger login page.

2) Google:

Traditional Google login page.
Advanced Poll Method.
New Google Page.
3) LinkedIn:

Traditional LinkedIn login page.

4) Github:

Traditional Github login page.
5) Stackoverflow:

Traditional Stackoverflow login page.
6) WordPress:

Similar WordPress login page.
7) Twitter:

Traditional Twitter login page.
8) Instagram:

Traditional Instagram login page.
Instagram Autoliker Phishing Page.
Instagram Profile Scenario Advanced attack.
Instagram Badge Verify Attack [New]
Instagram AutoFollower Phishing Page by (https://github.com/thelinuxchoice)

Traditional Snapchat Login Page

Traditional Yahoo Login Page

Traditional Twitch Login Page [ Login With Facebook Also Available ]

Traditional Microsoft-Live Web Login Page

Traditional Steam Web Login Page

Traditional VK Web Login Page
Advanced Poll Method

Traditional iCloud Web Login Page
16) GitLab PHISHING:

Traditional GitLab Login Page
17) NetFlix PHISHING:

Traditional Netflix Login Page
18) Origin PHISHING:

Traditional Origin Login Page
19) Pinterest PHISHING:

Traditional Pinterest Login Page
20) Protonmail PHISHING:

Traditional Protonmail Login Page
21) Spotify PHISHING:

Traditional Spotify Login Page
22) Quora PHISHING:

Traditional Quora Login Page
23) PornHub PHISHING:

Traditional PornHub Login Page
24) Adobe PHISHING:

Traditional Adobe Login Page
25) Badoo PHISHING:

Traditional Badoo Login Page
26) CryptoCurrency PHISHING:

Traditional CryptoCurrency Login Page
27) DevianArt PHISHING:

Traditional DevianArt Login Page
28) DropBox PHISHING:

Traditional DropBox Login Page
29) eBay PHISHING:

Traditional eBay Login Page
30) MySpace PHISHING:

Traditional Myspace Login Page
31) PayPal PHISHING:

Traditional PayPal Login Page
32) Shopify PHISHING:

Traditional Shopify Login Page
33) Verizon PHISHING:

Traditional Verizon Login Page

34) Yandex PHISHING:

Traditional Yandex Login Page

35) Reddit PHISHING:

Old Login Page
New Login Page

as u see there is a lot of pages for you to use

how to install hidden eye

right lads first of we got to clone the file to are systems so open terminal and type
git clone https://github.com/DarkSecDevelopers/HiddenEye

or git clone https://github.com/Hackingariseofficial/HiddenEye

How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 2

Next we need to change are dir to hidden eye so type
cd HiddenEye

How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 3

now before we go on lets fix any errors that may show up so type
dpkg-reconfigure locales
How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 4
and pip install urlopen
How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 5

now that is done now we need to install the requirements we can do this but typing
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 6

now that’s done we can run the python file named HiddenEye.py so type
python3 HiddenEye.py
How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 7

now press y
How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 8

now we can see all the sites that we can use just pick a number from 1 to 37
How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 9

im picking 1 for Facebook for this as its first one
How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 10

now it will ask you to pick
standard page for phishing ,
advanced phishing-poll ranking
fake security
messenger phishing
im picking 1 just for this
How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 11

now it will as if u wanna add a key logger to the page
pick y
How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 12

now it will ask for the site u want it to redrecit to when the username and password is entered since we are using Facebook type facebook.com
How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 13

now we need to set the ports u can pick any port u want
How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 14

now we have choice to pick serveo or ngrok so pick serveo as it works better
How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 15

now this the part u mite get confused u can make a random url or a custom one to make it more authentic
make sure to pic one
How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 16

this we we make the url look real so type facebooklogin in here
How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 17

now it will gave us the url facebooklogin.serveo.net
this the one we sen to the target
How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 18

when the target clicks the link and signs in it will send us back there ip location and the user name and password
How to use Hidden eye v 1.0 19

there u have it lads and gals the facebook username and password

Final thoughts on hidden eye

there u have it lads the hidden eye i was shocked how good it is i know a lot my members in hacking a rise discord use it and say noting but good about it so gave it a go lads and see what u think and comment below


Dont be a dick head and use this to hack facebook accounts as its a-gen the law and morally wrong respect peoples private accounts as we take no responsibility for your actions in other works u do it and get found out its on you not me

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