welcome to hacking a rise in this post we are going to show you how to use this magnificent tool ghost eye by Jolanda de Koff BullsEye0 so lets get bet in to the tool

what is Ghost eye

Ghost Eye – Information Gathering Tool

Ghost Eye is an Information Gathering Tool I made in python 3. To run Ghost Eye, it only needs a domain or ip. Ghost Eye can work with any Linux distros if they support Python 3.

Ghost Eye gathers information data such as:
Whois Lookup
DNS Lookup
Nmap Port Scan
HTTP Header Grabber
Clickjacking Test
Robots.txt Scanner
Link Grabber
IP Location Finder
Have I been pwned

More in found at jolanda de koff github here

or check out her YouTube

Installing Ghost eye

open terminal and type apt install nmap etherape
How to use Ghost_eye 17

now we clone the tool to are home dir so type in terminal git clone https://github.com/BullsEye0/ghost_eye.git and change the dir ghost eye so type cd ghost_eye then ls
How to use Ghost_eye 18

now we type pip3 install -r requirements.txt
How to use Ghost_eye 19

now we are done

Using Ghost eye

Now we have it installed and the requirements install we can now run the tool so type python3 ghost_eye.py

How to use Ghost_eye 20

now u can see the menu there
How to use Ghost_eye 21

so lets start with a whois scan press 1 and enter then enter the domain

How to use Ghost_eye 22

so now press 2 for dns
How to use Ghost_eye 23
How to use Ghost_eye 24


Hackingarise does not take responsibility for any actions you may perform with this tool and/or knowledge!! Your actions are your choices so please make wise ones!! Hackingarise makes these tutorials for educational purposes only and they are used to teach the public how hackers can use tools to break into their devices!!

Final Thoughts

So lads nice little tool aint it handy for those that dont understand how to perform passive recon on a URL/domain to keep up to date with Jolanda de Koff like her Facebook page thank you for reading lads see you in the next one laughingman

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