how to use easysploit to hack

Welcome to hacking a rise i am the laughing man and in this post we are going to talk about easysploit automated metasploit script in bash its a little like sploitgen but we use serveo to forward ports this script uses localhost and automates the eternalblue vulnerability .

easysploit options

(1) Windows –> test.exe (payload and listener)

(2) Android –> test.apk (payload and listener)

(3) Linux –> (payload and listener)

(4) MacOS –> test.jar (payload and listener)

(5) Web –> test.php (payload and listener)

(6) Scan if a target is vulnerable to ms17_010

(7) Exploit Windows 7/2008 x64 ONLY by IP (ms17_010_eternalblue)

(7rd) Enable Remote Desktop (ms17_010_eternalblue)

(8) Exploit Windows Vista/XP/2000/2003 ONLY by IP (ms17_010_psexec)

(8rd) Enable Remote Desktop (ms17_010_psexec)

(9) Exploit Windows with a link (HTA Server)

(10) Contact with us – Our accounts

easysploit install

git clone

cd easysploit

how to use easysploit to hack 11

how to use easysploit to hack 12

how to use easysploit to hack 13

how to use easysploit

running easysploit is very easy all u have to do is after the installing it all u have to do is type easysploit in to terminal
how to use easysploit to hack 14
how to use easysploit to hack 15

now we pick a number from 1 to 10 well really 1 to 9

final thoughts

well what can i say this script aint impressive like it only uses local host for connection and most the options say it failed to connect as i tested it on my android and my windows 7 vm and my mac the only one really worked was the windows options its great if you a script kiddie thinking hes boss but in the pentesting world this script has no place as its not as good as people say it is like i uses a old android running 4.2 and it still didn’t connect i thought it was metasploit so i checked making another payload with msfvenom and what ya no is worked so tried the script agen and it didn’t work so i left the android and tried the hacking windows with a link wudnt connect so my thought on this script is it need a lot of work as this script was the makings to be a great script but for now its not as useful to a pentester or hacker for noobs and script kiddie ya it do a great job im going to leave me thoughts at this as if i go on i will end up making a laugh of the writer of the script lol


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