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Hello and welcome to this tutorial, in this I will show you how to use brut0s DFW. Now brut0s DFW is a simple doxing framework that makes profiles on people, in this tutorial I will show you how easy it is for someone to use a tool like this to make a profile on you after they have gotten your info.

Getting DFW into your system


Now we want to git clone it into our system so use git clone https://github.com/brut0s/DFW.git

then we want to cd into the directory you cloned it in and then type ls, like below.

How to use brut0s DFW - Doxing Tool 1


using dfw

Doxing companies

Now we are going to check out the company script first, just type python companydox.py

How to use brut0s DFW - Doxing Tool 2

see when someone enters all this info in, they have made a profile on your company which they can then hand out to other hackers and even sell. This is why you make sure your company info isn’t exposed to the likes of these people!!

Doxing people

Now for this one you just wanna type python personaldox.py now it applies same for company just enter all the info in and you have a profile made

How to use brut0s DFW - Doxing Tool 3

see the profile can be made, now someone can obtain all this information so make sure your social media accounts are set to private and only hand out info to people you know in real life and that you can truly trust!!


How to use DFW on Python 3:

Use git clone https://github.com/Hackingariseofficial/DFW.git

and then type python DFW.py



This post is made for awareness on how someone can easily dox you online and in real life! We do not hold responsibility for any malicious actions you partake in or do with this tool!!

Have a good time and enjoy your stay on hackingarise!! Thanks for reading!





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