How to use traceroute in Termux.

Hello guys~~
This is IRISnoir. And I’ll be making this tutorial for yall.

This tutorial is about how to traceroute a remote IP through hops.

Traceroute meaning and usage
Now, how does this work? You may ask.
It traces the given IP by hopping from many devices/IP until it meets its target.

This tool is named ‘tracepath’. Located at the stable repository. You need to install it first then you can perform tracing.

$ pkg install tracepath

Then the commands are:

$ tracepath [IP or Domain name]

‘traceroute’ command can be a substitute or alias of the command tracepath. This does not differ from the procedure of the previous command.

Now, you can sit back and relax as it traces the given target.
Like this.

1: ( 0.550ms pmtu 1500
1: ( 1.694ms
1: ( 2.459ms
2: ( 1.927ms pmtu 1492
2: ( 4.615ms
3: ( 7.810ms
4: ( 7.465ms
5: no reply
6: ( 479.718ms
7: ( 12.859ms
8: localhost ( 9.203ms asymm 9
9: localhost ( 8.677ms asymm 8
10: ( 1017.228ms asymm 12
10: ( 32.727ms asymm 12
11: ( 222.114ms asymm 13
12: ( 11.963ms reached
Resume: pmtu 1492 hops 12 back 14

It shows the hops details, how many hops, name and IP, MTU, etc..

But there is no guaranteed success because when the IP/domain name is out of range or with other reasons, it will display no reply. It will then attempt to hop elsewhere. If it finds a place to continue, good for you. If it doesn’t, you can stop.

I hope you enjoy my tutorial and find this useful. If so, share it around. This is for educational purposes. Hackingarise is not responsible for your malicious acts. Thank you.


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