How to stay anonymous online

so i was on Facebook on hacking groups and see a lot u think by using proxy chains u are fully anonymous don’t make me laugh this not the case as even when using proxy chains and tunneling true tor you are not fully anonymous as u dns is still showing this defeats the reason of the proxy’s and VPN so let me show you how i stay fully anonymous online when I am attacking or on tor browser

so lets start open a terminal and type cat /etc/resolv.conf this will show you your dns as u see i have three dns servers this is fine urs will show something like as mine is

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now for ur dns u want one that wont log you data if they do then no point you even hacking as all your attacks are logged so im using opendns for this post so lets get in to changing the dns

OK now in terminal type gedit /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf and so to the line prepend domain-name-server and change it to prepend domain-name-server,; (NOTE) you must use the , when adding dns servers now remove the # and save it ctrl + s
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no restart the network manager with this command service network-manager restart
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now check the dns cat /etc/resolv.conf if u have three dns servers im 99% sure it will use the top one to be sure do a dns leak
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now use the command proxychains firefox

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make sure to use a vpn as well as proxy chains or use 4nonimizer

happy hacking

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