How to set Burp suite proxy

Burp suite is one the best tools for web app testing it has many options e.g SQL injection, Brute force fuzzing etc.. Burp suite is installed on Kali Linux so u don’t have to in stall to run in open terminal and type burp suite or go to applications in the left hand top corner of your screen navigate to web app analysis its the top one.

Lets start

open fire fox and type about:preferences in the addressee bar this will take you to the settings here you will need to go to networks proxy its at the bottom of the page
How to set Burp suite proxy 11

click on it and go to manual proxy configuration then i want you to tick the use this proxy server for all protocols now set the http proxy to and the port to 8080 tick proxy DNS when using socks5 and hit ok How to set Burp suite proxy 12

now open up burp suite
How to set Burp suite proxy 13

and click next and click next one more time till u come to this screen
How to set Burp suite proxy 14
you mite see proxy is glowing red wel click is and make sure intercept is on like so
How to set Burp suite proxy 15

ALL Right lets see this connected right go back to Firefox and search for anything if this pops up u are connected
How to set Burp suite proxy 16

so lets go back to burp suite and hit the forward button a few times so u can forward the requests for google search the page should work or you can easy just add google to the no proxy’s in network proxy’s

anyways my next burp suite post will be on how to perform attacks wwith burp suite hope u like this posts lads and thank you for reading

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