Welcome back to hacking a rise i am the laughing man and in todays post i wanna talk to you about this handy little tool called URLCADIZ this tool is handy for social engineering or phishing attacks so lets start


what it do is it generates a hidden url this will replace the normal url we use for phishing for example to https://facebook.com/abcdefg say we use ngrok and we all hate the ngroks links its like gave it a way why dont ya lol well this handy little script will change that so the phishing url will look more real well thats the idea of the tool but look we will see hahaha

URLCADIZ requeriments

pyhton 3

URLCADIZ install

git clone https://github.com/PerezMascato/URLCADIZ
sudo pip3 install pyshorteners

how to install URLCADIZ 9
Frist command to install urlcadiz

how to run URLCADIZ

python3 URLCADIZ.py

how to install URLCADIZ 10

How to use URLCADIZ

now we get to the fun part how to use URLCADIZ so to start in terminal type cd URLCADIZ
then you need to type python3 URLCADIZ.py this will bring up the menu for the tool
it will gave you the option of 6 sites and one personalized sites (fyi) handy with ngrok
[*1] Google
[*2] Youtube
[*3] Spotify
[*4] Instagram
[*5] Facebook
[*6] New York Times
[*7] Personalized

but for this I am going to use facebook

so once we have the menu we now press 5

how to install URLCADIZ 11

this will then ask you for a link this were we put the ngrok link
this we will have to add a post something that will make you target click the link
how to install URLCADIZ 12

and it will return with https://www.facebook.com-profile-hithere@tinyurl.com/ydx6akb
if you click it it will send you to the facebook home page

how to install URLCADIZ 13

MY thoughts on URLCADIZ

well it is what it is like fact we cant use ngrok links with it kinda makes the tool shit tbh and sorry for the lang but it is all it dose is uses tinyurl if this tool is to be use for anything other than making url redirect to another it clams its for SE bit i see no point to the tool other that site owners using it after all are it wont gave a link for ngrok – or puplic ip link it pops ups with errors witch i can address but its not my tool and i dont fell like doing other peoples work for them


i wanna say sorry to all are loyal readers and members we have been busy with personal lifes this “cova 19 ” has us all messed up but i will be back with better posts live streams and more so stay tuned to hacking a rise on twitch and discord links in menu