How to download Github tools to Termux for newcomers

First of all, this tutorial is for newcomers that haven’t used much of Termux. But you can know, Termux’s uniqueness lies inside the fact that there are many repositories with many packages in them. One of them is: ‘git’.

Now, git package is located at the stable-repo, pre-subscribed. No extra repositories needed.

Just use this command to install it:

$ pkg install git

Now, you are ready to go.

Next up, all you need is this command and a Github tool URL.

$ git clone [Insert URL here]

This package is for downloading tools that aren’t in Termux or if you want to downgrade a package.
Also, Hackingarise has a Github account which contains very valuable and helpful tools. You can check it out and download them to your heart’s content. Try it out!


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