Checkra1n is a jailbreak for the IOS ,IPadOS, and MacOS

It is currently the most free jailbreak publicly out there, To install it to an Apple device follow these instructions

Go to and then download which one your processor (cpu) allows 32-86 bits, I downloaded the x86-64 one.  Once its done downloading open up a terminal and CD into Downloads, then you need to make the files executable by doing (chmod +x checkra1n-x86_64) then run the command (sudo ./checkra1n-x86_64). It will pop up a semi gui inside its own terminal, plug in the apple device into the computer via USB cord and plug both in. It will then detect what the device is in the yellow text in the middle. Then you want to press start it will then tell you what to do on the right.

Once you have followed the instructions on the right it will reboot the phone and it will then be jail broken, The checkra1n application will be some where in the phone you will need to open it and then download Cydia. Once you finish downloading Cydia you can download a terminal , python , shell , bash , git, sudo , etc. It has a debain package manager so if you use any debain based linux distros you should know the commands.

You’re able to ssh into the phone by going to settings and finding the ip address of the wifi your connected to (ex and doing (ssh root@ the default password of the login is alpine. Once you ssh into the connection of the phone you have access to the Library and Media.

Once you finish downloading every you need your able to have an iphone that is able to hack just like a android that has been rooted.

Have fun , This will also void a warranty if the device has one


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