welcome to hacking a rise here another post this time on cloning website

What is httrack

HTTrack is a free and open-source Web crawler and offline browser, developed by Xavier Roche and licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3. HTTrack allows users to download World Wide Web sites from the Internet to a local computer.
find out more here :

How to install Httrack

(If you are using parrot or kali this already installed on the system )

To install HTTrack in linux by using terminal you have to follow this step.

First, open your terminal from search bar ‘Terminal’ or from keyboard CTRL+ALT+T.

To install type or copy the following command and press Enter button.

sudo apt-get install httrack
sudo yum install httrack

To complete installation you have to punch your linux password and then enter to permit. In installation, you will be asked to install this program and you have to press ‘Y’ from your keyboard.
As i am using kali i dont need to install.

How to use Httrack

Right lads open terminal and type httrack --help
How to clone a site with Httrack 1

now we wanna type httrack -O name of the site i be using a site i mead for shorting links you can find it here
so my command is httrack https://hackingariseofficial.github.io -O hackingarise

How to clone a site with Httrack 2

now if we go to are root dir we will see the site
How to clone a site with Httrack 3
How to clone a site with Httrack 4
How to clone a site with Httrack 5

from here we can add the beef-xss hook to the index.html we can also test the site and see what vulnerabilities are in the site or we can edited it and make it are own but mostly we use them for phishing

final thoughts on Httrack

well i love this tools its how i clone sites as it gave’s u the full site not just a index.html file like wget dose as we all its simple to use like one simple command and boom its cloned the site not many site copyers can do that so lads and gals i advice you to make this your best friend


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