hacking wps with bully

Welcome to another one by the laughing man whoop whoop so we are going to hack a WiFi with bully now wps have 8 numbers in it this makes it easier to brute and take lot less time well depending on your system mine is a 4g dual core with 8gb swap i rock it old school lol .

so lets start by putting are WiFi card in monitor mode this will lets use see all the packages flying in the air so to speck in are case WiFi great example is promismode on LAN same idea here but with WiFi.

i was using a usb at the time so my card was wlan1 most system wifi is displayed as wlan0 if not its wlan1 to check use ifconfig

Open terminal type airmon-mg start wlan0

hacking wps with bully 11agen if wlan0 don’t work use wlan1

now we start airodump-ng to see the packages airodump-ng wlan0mon
hacking wps with bully 12

The network we are attacking is Vodafone so ctrl+c and then airodoump-ng wlan0mon -c 5 the -c will now only scan for signals on the channel 5
hacking wps with bully 13

now we open a new terminal and type bully wlan1mon -b 24:DF:6A:9F:84:51 -e vodafone-8440 -c 5 --force i added the –force to make sure the attack had noting stopping it .
hacking wps with bully 14

leave it sitting there for a few hours and i know u are thinking a few hours that will take for ever well fact been wp2 can take up to a month or more to crack one password were is wps has 99999999 passwords to crack the speed will depend on your system in my case it is a few hours

Hi im the laughing man im a pentester and the owner of Hacking a rise

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