Hacking with JSQL on Kali Linux

All right my little noob’s so due to my google dorks post i mite as well show u how to use them in an attack so since my man nife did sqlmap u can check it out here –> Sql-map basics

I am going two show you how to use JSQL on kali so frist of u need to hide you ip so check out this post for changing dns —> Changing dns

now i want u to download 4nonimizer or git clone same thing and install it
git clone https://github.com/Hackingriseofficial/4nonimizer
cd 4nonimizer
chmod +x 4nonimier
./4nonimizer install

by default vpnbook is the main vpn u can get the user name and password at VPNBOOK
Once its install and working open fire fox and type any the google sqldorks <-- here 🙂 copy one and paste it to google and hit search Hacking with JSQL on Kali Linux 11
when you get the url u wanna hack open it and add ‘ at the end the url if u get a my sql error u can hack it copy the url with out the ‘ and open jsql in database assessment on the kali menu and paste the url to the attack bar and hit enter
Hacking with JSQL on Kali Linux 12

just let it run and there you got u got the data base



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