Hacking a rise app

WELCOME to hacking a rise today is a good day see the thing about today is we tell you about hacking a rises new app for android phone coz mac is just gay hahahhaa but its been in the works last few weeks an its finely in the beta testing stages this mean u are most loyal members get to try it out whoop whoop this will help you stay in touch with the blog updates as well as bring you free ebook’s and course to your hands are app will teach you all fuck me talking about it and install it now


discord chat
this will let you talk on discord with out a account

this will let you watch are videos from youtube and work like a normal web page

this will let you watch when we are live streaming as well as let you work as a normal web page

this let you log in to your facebook and view are page as well as work it like a normal web page

let you view are twitter and sign in and work like a normal web page

let you sign up and sign in and use are forum

let u view are tools on github

we added games as i know how boring apps get so there few games to have fun with

the home screen


Hacking a rise app 11
credits to wizard fo pics


Hi im the laughing man im a pentester and the owner of Hacking a rise

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