Get a Location using an IP adress


Hey guys ! Lasr here 🙂

Today I’m gonna show you how to get the approximate location of an IP with

For this tutorial, you will need : A computer/smartphone/tablet with any OS on it, an internet connection and a photo editing software.

SPOILER : you can't get the exact position of someone with such simple tools, if you want his house adress, then make searches on his full name and find his house by his name.

First of all, you need an IP, you can either get it via an IP grabber or via an IP finder (tutorial for a python IP finder here).

Then, go to and put the IP on the text input area on the top (step 1) and click on the “IP Lookup” on the right of the input.locationip1

After that, wait until the geolocation data from the three sites below loads. As you can see, we already have 3 locations from the IP; 2 from the same City (Las Vegas) and 1 from New York, why, you might ask, and that’s because the location is closest antenna from the site.
locationip3 locationip4 locationip5
If you just want the country of the guy, then you can stop here, if you want to have his department or his city if you’re lucky enough, then go further.

I will cover 2 techniques :
– the average (better for lines cuz it)
– the triangulation (better for more than 2 points on the map)

1st of, the average, it consists of making the average (thanks captain obvious lmao).
It’s better for 2 points or in some cases when more (when we have points at the start and end of the line but not inside) as in my exemple.

1st Step :
Open this site and put first the latitude in the text input box as shown below. (1)
Then copy the sum (2), open notepad and paste the sum.
Then do the exact same for the Longitude.

2nd Step :

For the 2nd and last step, put the Latitude and Longitude in google maps and see the result.

And boom ! You’re done ! Now let’s get to the 2nd method, the map triangulation.

1st Step :

Open google maps and paste the 1st location, unzoom till you can see the whole country (if the results are from the same country, else unzoom until you can see all of the countries listed on for the IP)
Take a screen, download it, and do the same for all of the other location.

2nd Step :

Then, link all of your results and take the location of the cross made by the lines making a cross.locationip9
Red = the 3 locations
Blue = triangulation method
Green = average method

As I said I have a line so this makes this solution not efficient for my case because it’s just a line, and it is a random point in it.


If you have a triangle, then make a point in the middle of the 3 lines that you have, and link all of the old points to the new ones as shown below

A, B, C = Location Points

A’, B’, C’ = New Points
F = Point made by the triangulation

If the lines don’t cross and form a triangle, repeat the process.

Hopefully you now know how to find the location of an IP adress ! 🙂

And that’s it, Lasr out !

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