foot printing active recon

Well whats the story lads laughing-man here your one and only hacker coming at you with one my fav parts of hacking the recon yes i know u all say its boring and this and that but look listen to me “FUCK OFF MY FUCKING BLOG” only messing god relax hahahha but know with out recon you be going in blind you think the army go in blind hell no and as a hacker you need to think about that one script kiddies read this post know it off by hearth as this something you all lack in ok well let me explain the reason to this post is to show you and explain what it takes to get your info so we start it all off with Dumpster diving whoop whoop this is going to be fun hahaha

Dumpster Diving

this one has been used for years not by hackers but scammers and people like you and me is the reason why we look in the bins is because company’s and people dont always shred there Documents or post this is valuable info for hackers to you it can contain pay slips with name sn for usa PPS for Europe bank reports all that juicy info that we cant get on a computer well we can sometimes haha but ya make sure its the right bin you are jumping just remember its trash your going play with so enjoy lads

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beleave me or not but ringing a company or target can be handy ya u have to use some social engineering but you can get vile info on like lest say you hacking some guy real nasty peace of work and all you have is a phone number and a name we you ring his phone hi Mr frank my name is tom Im from were senses(probably named different )are job in a nut shell is to count how many people is in Ireland can i have a moment of your time to ask few questions if they say no then try and keep them on the Phone to answer them or hang up and ring another time see if someone else will answer them for a company you need to be more professional on the mobile then on the phone to a target me i use delivery man when i ring in to companys 🙂

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another way is check if the company has any jobs open applying for jobs is very handy as it gets you inside lets you have a peek at there systems get to know that security system they use stuff like that

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sending a email is a active way of recon sending emails to targets or company emails asking questions is a gud way but tbh its not the best its covered in the ceh v10 so im adding it here but if you war to use emails use google forms this were u can make a form for targets to answer or use a spoofed email
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yes i know its creepy but listen stalking can be a handy tool as u got to know your target no there habits there hobbies this can also lead in to contacting face to face

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Contacting and face to face meeting

s0 we covered stacking i know its creepy but look it works now we get to the point u wanna meet your target well this a good way to get info from the horses mouth my grandfather use to say asking the target personal questions stuff like that helps.
contacting the with social Media yes on social media u can contact the target add them as a friend get to no them


contacting employees is a great way to get what you need on a company

walk in

a walk in is were you walk in the company and talk to the people inside

shoulder surfing

this a great way to get info like password names dates what ever listen in to the targets convo or if they on pc look what there doing

this are just some ways we can do active recon hope you know know what has to be dont to get are info this a short post on active foot printing lads hope you enjoyed

Hi im the laughing man im a pentester and the owner of Hacking a rise

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