Welcome to hacking a rise in this post we talk about exif (Exchangeable image file) this is a the info stored on images (metadata) so here we will show you the command line tool on kali and online tools and firefox plug ins to gain the meta of the image
(note some sites like social media strip out the some the data like gps and this method can be highly actuate with its results form hard and software )

What is Exif

Exchangeable image file (exif) format is a standard that specifies the formats for images, sound, and ancillary tags used by digital cameras, scanners and other systems handling image and sound files recorded by digital cameras,phones etc..

Command line

so if you have a kali system exif tool is install just type exif --help
Exif Image Recon 13

so say we want to get the info of a image we use exif path to jpeg since i have mine downloaded to desktop i wanna change my dir to desktop so cd Desktop if your image is save there other wise put proper path now i type exif 20190619_001834.jpg
Exif Image Recon 14
as you can see it gave’s a lot of info like phone type model number
time and date etc …

online tools

Exif Image Recon 15

Exif Image Recon 16


there few plug in you can install on firefox to help you get the meta of a image

first is exif viewer
Exif viewer
Exif Image Recon 17

Exif Image Recon 18

Now lads its not that hard to find info on images as you can see with my top image this can come in handy during a dox but remember social media sites strip all the gud stuff out hahaha

Right god bless


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