Hello everyone, this is IRISnoir from Hackingarise. Bringing to you another tutorial. This time about my hand-crafted tool: exHACK.

You will need these:
git to download my tool
python to activate the tool

First, you can clone it via:
git clone https://github.com/IRISnoir/exHACK

Then you can just use:
python3 exHACK/exhack.py

Then when it asks you for permission to install needed tools, just accept it.

And then you’re pretty much done. You have 5 tools. Just choose one and then follow all instructions and input everything that it says. It’s very easy. Even a n00b can do it.

exHACK is a tool made with love by me. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it. If you like what you are reading, why not share it around. And remember, stay safe, stay ethical. Have a nice day!

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