Ethical Hacking on Real Machines : A Complete Hands on Approach to Offensive Ethical Hacking and Pen Testing, Let’s Hack

What Will I Learn?

Do a Complete Black Box Testing
Unleaash the Power of Best Ethical Tools

Hack Real Machines from Lecture 4

Develop Experience to do Real Life Penetration Testing
A Try Harder Attitude
Decent Internet Connection
Computer with Minimum 4 GB RAM ( 8 Recommended )
Hardware as we Proceed
Ethical Hacking Career Accelerator is a Special Bundle of Various Ethical Hacking Courses from Different Authors.
We at Proficient School Purchased Exclusive Use Licenses of these courses from authors and made this Program to provide a Quick Head Start for every kind of Security Professional.

If you want to do CEH, OSCP, or any similar Ethical Hacking Exam, We have Ethical Hacking in Offensive Way Course
If you are a Beginner or a Security Professional Looking for Strong Fundamentals, We havePractical Hacking Master Class
If you are already an Senior Ethical Hacker then we have Nessus Professional Crash Course for you.
Note:- We are adding more and more courses to this Program every Month

You will Get Lifetime Access to this On Going Program with Official Certificate from Proficient School for the Completion of these courses, and as their are various Authors in this course, We have Arranged a Dedicated Support Team for you to help you in this journey.

Program Authors:

Gaurav Malhotra – Ethical Hacking in Offensive Way
Sagar Bansal – Practical Hacking Master Class
Jitendra Kumar Singh – Practical Hacking Master Class
Daniel Platt – Practical Hacking Master Class
Wahid Ahmed – Nessus Professional Crash Course
Ahad Ansari – Nessus Professional Crash Course

Legal Disclaimer :

We are not responsible for any of your act which may cause any damage or loss to anyone in anyway.
The Course has No Relation with Offensive Securities, ISC2, E.C.Council or any other Association or Body of Knowledge
We do not claim that this course can replace any official material for any certification
If you think that Authors have sold us something which is making a DMCA Violation, Please Reach us using Udemy Messages and we will take action within 6 hours
Who is the target audience?
This Course is for Students who are Complete Beginner in Ethical Hacking
This Course is for Senior Professionals who want to practice Industry Standard Tools
This course is for students who want to pass Professional Exams and get good jobs in this field
Created by Proficient School
Last updated 9/2018

Size: 10.85 GB

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