Welcome to hacking a rise in this post we are going to show you how to spoof a email with sendemail on kali linux using smtp2go for are server and send it to your target so lets talk of a few ways this can be used in

1: Phishing : Yes this method is used mostly in Phishing attacks they attack will email you that your account was was hacked and for you two change your password u click the link and think your signing in but really your gaving us the password and email

2: to deliver a payload. You can use this method to deliver payloads to target

3: using it with Beef-xss . you can all use this to perform a browser attack with beef -xss

there a few ways if i was to write the whole list the post will never end this attack is most common and the most knowing but yet people still fall for it.

getting set up

first of all we need to sign up to smptp2go account so when ya get that done move on to the next step

Now we clone sendmail of github
git clone https://github.com/mogaal/sendemail.git

Email Spoofing with sendmail and smtp2go 9

now let change to sendmail file so type
cd sendmail

Email Spoofing with sendmail and smtp2go 10

now what we do it type ./sendemail --help

Email Spoofing with sendmail and smtp2go 11

so we wanna send the email to target first of all we type sendemail -f no-reply-accounts@payspal.com -t 1vvcc778r@your-airy-lashes-spb.ru -u Someone Has Your Password -m Someone has your password this last sign in location and ip click here to reset your password -s mail.smtp2go.com:2525 -xu laughingman@hackingarise.com -xp ********

-f is the email u wanna use
-t is the targets email
-u is the subject of the email
-m is the message of the email we you can add links
-s u add thte smtp server url and posts
-xu is the email you use to log in
-xp is the password of the server

Email Spoofing with sendmail and smtp2go 12


do not use this for the worng ressons all are tests are done on are own server and are own networks hacking a rise takes not responsibility for any the viewers actions it at there own risk

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