Hello, I’m IRISnoir. I will be talking about doxxing and its general use. Doxxing is a hacking-based skill to uncover one or many individual’s personal information. This can lead to blackmail, kidnapping and leaking of information, or even hacking.


What is Doxxing

Doxing is an important skill to have as it is the act of trying to investigate and disclose personal information from one or many individuals. Doxxing a person can lead to blackmail to the target. You may report them if they are criminals. It can also be a starting step for hacking.


Doxxing is an act that requires minimum effort. Even though that is the case, you’ll need to have focus on your target, recall everything they have done, where they’ve gone, and stay in check with everyone they talk to. This is similar to a detective’s job. Detectives are there to investigate everything their target does and determine their location, crime, even their involvement to third parties.

The effects of Doxxing

Despite its easiness to pull off, it can be very effective. Both positively and negatively.
When you dox, you aim to disclose their data, making them uncovered to you. There has been news about people posting dox of their victims like their locations, name, age, workplace and even their credit card info, generally ruining their lives. This is how much stuff someone can go through, with just a simple action as a dox.
Let’s look at the positive side though. Much like a normal person, a criminal can be doxxed and the info gathered can be used to track down the criminal. Although they are more aware of their persuers.

How to dox

It depends on your objective. You’ll need tools for certain objectives. Phineinfoga: phone number location,ngrok.com and serveo.net for IP phishing, Facebook for name disclosure, and much more. But that’s not all. You need the ability to sweet talk the target to you, or at least track them through their friends.

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