Darknet part 1

hi and thankyou for joining us to night on darks dark guide to the dark net ( hahaha) for those that get the pun well done!!!! for the other younger members/readers its a pun from hitch hikers guide to the galaxy!!  any way moving on

as the title say’s this is the 1st part of many parts of darknet what is it how to stay safe various ways to access it and maybe one of the last parts will be on how to actually hack the dark net!!!


any way todays blog post what ever you wanna call it is just a quick and simple way on actually accessing the dark net i have seen it countless times on fb ” how to access dark net” “what is darknet” and then the scammers jump on it and well you know the story ends!!!


first thing first for this guide i am using linux but if you use windows then i will show you the links and dig up some screen shots but basically no matter what OS you use its the same process but Windows you just download the tor browser install and open it simple!!!!


ok first thing first quick leture we here at hackingarise do not and will not take any responsibility for any of your actions on the darknet if you get busted then its your own fault this is just a guide only if you decided to actually follow it and well buy something you should’nt and get arrested well basically grow a pair and deal with it simple as

ok now that is over and done with lets get on with it shall we

what is the darknet

well the dark net is quite simply putting it the dark side of the massive world of internet

the dark net/deep web what ever you wanna call it refers to a bunch of networks ( stuff like google bing yahoo) that can’t and will not be indexed on stuff again like google etc eg if you type in “hitman for hire” on google this is what your going to get

Darknet part 1 11

litterally a bunch of links that well are telling you about the dark net as for legal reasons you can’t go on the net and say fuck it i am putting a contract on some one today and pay a massive lump sum of money and well everyone is happy!!!

so thats where the darknet now comes in to it BUT be warned darknet is now broken NSA FBI hackers scammers run the darknet so if you look on there and see some paypal accounts and think hmm i can use some extra money becareful as 1 you might be walking in to a scammer page 2 it could be NSA page NO MATTER WHAT COUNTRY YOUR IN THEY WILL ARREST YOU!!! so if you think your govement wont do anything think again NSA do not care they will grab you no matter what

quick guide to what you can actually buy

loaded pay pal accounts

bank account details




“red room specials”

and trust me when i say this and this part is only for the people who have strong stomach you can hire scientists that basically kidnap people mainly homeless people and preform any formula you send them and they send you hour by hour details of what it does to people and will tweak it until its to how you want


and well pretty much anything you want

ok how to access it

well first thing first its not something that you can just open like firefox chrome etc you need to take extra procaution as there are things called entry nodes and exit nodes

entry nodes basically put your ip address and everything else in to a bag and send it to the tor servers and then mix it up with millions of others details and makes you “1%” anonymous but these nodes 99% are mixed with payloads from hackers NSA tracers that basically lock on to you the second you log on

exit nodes basically closes the door but there again same as entry nodes so i wont repeat my self on that one


1st thing you are going to need which is well the most  important thing possible is a VPN

the only VPN that i personally trust and after doing months of research on this subject and now highly comes recommend is nordvpn

Darknet part 1 12 as you can clearly see under netherlands it supports onion servers which means you can access dark net on them if you dont believe me you can try and ask every other vpn service provider but they will say no! simple as that so nordvpn is a high prioty

2nd your going to need a browser called tor which is located here https://www.torproject.org/

windows users just download it

this is what you will be faced with

Darknet part 1 13

as you can see just quckly press save and download once downloaded simply head to the download file or where ever you saved it simply right click and hit extract to here

Darknet part 1 14


Darknet part 1 15you will have two folders the tar file and tor browser

once you opened the tor broweser file you will see these two options quite simply double click ont the blue circle

Darknet part 1 16

hit connect

Darknet part 1 17as you can see its now conecting you to the dark net

Darknet part 1 18 ok now this is the tor browser never ever on this planet run it full screen this default screen size is good enough plus never download anything always use 10 minute email if you need to sign up to anything always use a different username so nsa can’t pin point you on everything common sense really

anyway your on the dark net just looks like firefox dont it?

Darknet part 1 19 wrong type in the search bar on duckduckgo hidden wiki and this is the darknet as you can see everything now ends in .onion

Darknet part 1 20 this is one of milliions of links for the dark net as you can see everything you cant find on google is there and everything ends in .onion

well if you want more links then i suggest you either look on darknet just type in .onion links or simply google them as i wont be posting any links


well thats all for now stay tuned and i will be doing more later today at some point on various ways of connecting to tor via running 2 virtual machines


stay tuned





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