Coin hive shutting down
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So on the February 26, 2019 coin hive a xmr mining platform is closing its doors since the crash in crypto they have no choice to stop
in there post the said

Some of you might have anticipated this, some of you will be surprised. The decision has been made. We will discontinue our service on March 8, 2019. It has been a blast working on this project over the past 18 months, but to be completely honest, it isn’t economically viable anymore.

The drop in hash rate (over 50%) after the last Monero hard fork hit us hard. So did the “crash“ of the crypto currency market with the value of XMR depreciating over 85% within a year. This and the announced hard fork and algorithm update of the Monero network on March 9 has led us to the conclusion that we need to discontinue Coinhive.

Thus, mining will not be operable anymore after March 8, 2019. Your dashboards will still be accessible until April 30, 2019 so you will be able to initiate your payouts if your balance is above the minimum payout threshold.

to find out more go two coinhive

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Hi im the laughing man im a pentester and the owner of Hacking a rise
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Hi im the laughing man im a pentester and the owner of Hacking a rise

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