Certified Blackhat: Methodology to unethical hacking

by Abhishek karmakar
White Falcon
148 pages

“To catch a thief think like a thief” the book takes a simplified approached tour through all the cyberthreats faced by every individual and corporates, The book has addressed some of the horrific cybercrime cases to hit the corporate world as well as individuals, including Credit card hacks and social media hacks. Through this book, you would be able to learn about the modern Penetration Testing Framework, latest tools and techniques, discovering vulnerabilities, patching vulnerabilities, This book will help readers to undercover the approach and psychology of blackhat hackers.

Who should read this book?
College student.
corporate guys.
newbies looking for expanding knowledge.
Ethical hackers.

Though this book can be used by anyone, it is however advisable to exercise extreme caution in using it and be sure not to violate the laws existing in that country.

About the Author: Abhishek Karmakar is a young entrepreneur, computer geek with definitive experience in the field of Computer and Internet Security. He is also the Founder of Uniqu, an instructor at certified Blackhat(CBH), over the past few years he has been helping clients and companies worldwide building more connected and secure world.

Book Details
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Title: Certified Blackhat: Methodology to unethical hacking
Author: Abhishek karmakar
Length: 148 pages
Edition: 1
Language: English
Publisher: White Falcon
Publication Date: 2020-05-28

Download here

White.Falcon.Certified.Blackhat.Methodology.to.unethical.hacking.B089DHYHPR.pdf – 18.5 MB

My thoughts on this books

well what can i say about this book it is a bit out dated for the time on releace as well as it main focus is windows but from a personal point of veiw black hats use linux not windows so in all fairness if you are going to make a hacking book get the facts right