Bypassing BIOS Passwords

Step 1: Alter the Date-Time

The system clock needs to be reset back to a time when the manufacturer rescue password was valid. Windows 10 will be used in this example.

Right click on the clock displaying the current system time on the taskbar, and select “Adjust Date/Time” on the popup menu.

Bypassing BIOS Passwords 1

Next, uncheck “Set time automatically” to enable the “Change date and time” button, click it, and set the system time to (11/23/2011).

Bypassing BIOS Passwords 2

Finally save and reboot the system. Be sure to hold the “ESC” key to reach the “Select Boot Device” prompt similar to the one below.

Bypassing BIOS Passwords 3

Step Two: The BIOS

Select “Enter Setup” and type in an incorrect password (can be anything) into the prompt, followed by pressing the “Enter” (or Return) key one time. Now press “ALT+R” as a key combination to achieve the following prompt:

Bypassing BIOS Passwords 4

Finally, type (Please mind the capitalization as it is significant):


then press “Enter”.

Congradulations! Both User-level (required at BOOT time –before loading OS) and Admin-level (required to enter BIOS setup/configuration) passwords are reset to manufacturer’s specifications, e.g. cleared with values changed to “Not Installed” in the bios. No more password prompts at boot time or when entering UEFI/BIOS configuration menus.

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