Welcome to hacking a rise guys and gals i am the Laughingman and today i am going to show you how to build a link shortener service many hackers use this to hide there fake sites or company’s to share there links on social media platforms my fav is picsee.co this lets you edit the thumbnail of the url to what ever you like but for this we will be doing a simple one with html and JavaScript

What is a link shortener

URL shortening is a technique on the World Wide Web in which a Uniform Resource Locator may be made substantially shorter and still direct to the required page. This is achieved by using a redirect which links to the web page that has a long URL in other words if u got a url like this https://www.thismylong assurl.com it will shorten is to https://smalllink.com/sdssd or something like this

Why make a link shortener

well there load reasons to build a link shorter be it as a business or for hiding you bad links here the five main reasons for non hackers

  • They make links more manageable. …
  • They can track and compile click data. …
  • They can be transformed into social media services. …
  • They can provide users useful features. …
  • They promote sharing. …
  • Innovation in the world of URL shorteners:
  • and the only reason for hackers lol
    hide are evil links 😉 from target

    requirements for the link shortener

    First we need a domain u can get one at

    (note) Try and get a short url for example tinyurl has tinyurl.com twitter has t.co

    then we need a server you can order one of use here

    once we got them all u need is the basic understanding of html and little java but its cool i will provide it for you if ya dont know any html 🙂

    Putting the link shortener together

    right now open a txt editor a and name it index.html and then start to you html code

    now we need to go to https://www.jsonstore.io/ it will gave you a link the endpoint this the shortened links will report back to

    Building a link shortener under 20 mins 7

    So no we open a new text editor a name it main.js u can copy this
    the script is to link the site with jsonstore

    all u have to do is replace the endpoint at the top the script with the one jsonstore gaves you
    Building a link shortener under 20 mins 8

    Now we upload them to are web server and then go to the url to see dose it work iv mead this one a few weeks ago to test this method and it works lol
    Building a link shortener under 20 mins 9

    you can find it here

    Final thoughts on making a link shortener

    Well this a simple and handy way for you to start your own link shorting service free of charge but from a pentester point of view this a great way to hide phishing links , beef-xss link ,payload links and anything else u wanna cover up lol me personalty i find having me own shorter that is not knowing by social media or other platforms like this is great as then your links cant be taking down or marked as spam as well as been able to make are links look real so are target will trust it and click it that it real lads quick and simple to do and most part free as u can use a free subdomain and host for this hell u can even host this on github dont beleave me check out https://hackingariseofficial.github.io/ on are offical github account 🙂 hope you enjoyed reading this lads and gals

    Laughing man out lots of love