Welcome back to hacking a rise today is something Im excited to be telling you about for thos that know me know i love nethunter well its all about to change with the release of andrax last year i think Im not to sure i was set it and told try it and told nethunter looks like a script kiddie to this.

So let me talk a bit about andrax not only is it fucking a simple install it dont need anything to set up just root download install open and let it do its work it offers a manual Vision for android devs to play around with
Designed to be installed on any Android smartphone, full support from version 5.0 to higher.

Open Source
With open development it is possible to have the support of anyone, this increases the security and efficiency of the system!

ANDRAX has been fully developed with a focus on execution with minimal hardware resources.

No emulation
ANDRAX is not an emulation, ANDRAX is an evolution!

More than 700 tools
ANDRAX promotes the use of more than 700 advanced tools for Hacking, Cracking and Penetration Testing.

Over 1000 attacks
Work with real Offensive Security abusing more than 1000 types of attacks with ANDRAX.

not bad for a app

What is ANDRAX

ANDRAX is a penetration testing platform developed specifically for Android smartphones, ANDRAX has the ability to run natively on Android so it behaves like a common Linux distribution, But more powerful than a common distribution!

The development of ANDRAX began on 08/09/2016 (DD/MM/YYYY) only for people in Brazil
ANDRAX has been fully redefined and reloaded on 05/10/2018 (DD/MM/YYYY) open to the international public.

ANDRAX is developed by Weidsom Nascimento of The Cracker Technology – Advanced Pentest

Why is Android so powerful?
Simple, everyone has a smartphone and spends all the time with it! We have the possibility to camouflage easily in the middle of everyone, the processor architecture of most Android smartphones is ARM a modern and robust architecture extremely superior to the rest, With touch screens we can run the tools with great agility and take advantage of the graphical interface of Android, we can get in almost anywhere with our smartphones…
credits to andrax


My thoughts

well with the way mobile devices are going getting faster more memory and better cpus gpus it wont be a shock if hackers switch to mobiles instead of getting a laptop like i thought kali on a gpd win was good idea but that app is one the best tools to have in your hacking arsenal

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